Luxury Massage Chair With Jade Heat & MP3 and More

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Luxury Massage Chair With Jade Heat & MP3 and More

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Luxury Massage Chair With Jade Heat & MP3 and more MC12Q





1. Provides six kinds of emulation massage functions of Shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking, simultaneous kneading and flapping, and vibrating.


2. Meanwhile we add some more human massage methods such as relax, health care, physical therapy, fatigue, prescription and awake functions.


3. Adjustable and automatically scans the massage point of the upper body and shoulder.


4. Automatically offers massage for the upper body. (Three optional areas of the entire body, the shoulder and neck, the back and waist).


5. Offers manual massage for the upper body in three optional areas of the entire body, the shoulder and neck, the back and waist by five massage modes with five levels of speed respectively. Under the massage modes of flapping, shiatsu and knocking, the width between the two massage hands is adjustable with three levels of wide, middle and narrow. The massage hands are vertically and accurately movable to fit your position in the state of the fixed back stretch.


6. Air-massage functions for the lower body are conducted by 69 air bags. Arm massage functions are added newly.


7. Vibrating massage function in back, buttocks and calves with three options of high, low and off respectively.


8. Music function. (Up and Down options).


9. Synchronous music massage function: 1.The intensity and speed of the back massage react along with the high frequency of the music; 2.The intensity of the buttocks vibrating reacts along with the medium frequency; 3.The intensity of the calves vibrating reacts along with the low frequency.


10. The calf rest and backrest are power-lifted and reclined respectively. (Include lifting calf rest and backrest; reclining calf rest and backrest, restoring the calf rest and backrest automatically).


11. Restoring the massage hands automatically.


12. Disposes the jade thermo therapy which has seven colored tablets LCD, MP3 player, Earphone, Mini -cup bracket, and the temperature is adjustable.


13. Completely humanistic designed, comfortable, rich and classical looking.




  • 1 Complete Massage Chair
  • Earphone
  • MP3 card
  • Tea table
  • Remote controller
  • Arm massager
  • Jade thermo therapy




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